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Electric Bakhoor Burner, A brand new incense burner. This is an electrical burner; it heats the plate under the incense and there is no need for charcoal to burn the incense. It is ideal for your home or office and is beautifully designed to be used as a decorative item.
Electric Bakhoor Burner Or Heater:
We recommend the use of these burners over any other method for releasing the true scent of Mermade Premium incense with less smoke.
Electric Bakhoor Burner are by far the best and most efficient way of burning fine incense. Now we are able at last to offer them at very good price.
It is an investment you will never regret. They burn cleanly and consistently, and can be adjusted to the perfect temperature to heat the incense, and allow it to give forth its true essence, while not burning it up completely or too quickly.
If you enjoy incense in your home or temple and want to receive its full benefit, invest in an electric burner, you will not be sorry.
Using an Electric Bakhoor Burner:
We are very pleased to be able to offer this beautiful, reliable and easy to use Golden Lotus Electric Heater. Unlike Charcoal for burning incense you have control over the level of heat and therefore you will receive the greatest benefit, scent and subtle aroma from fine natural ingredients with very little smoke. It lets the incense gently warm up and release its scent. We recommend this heater for fine Agarwood , Sandalwood chips and also resins.
The Golden Lotus electric incense heater is thermostatically controlled to enable use with many different types of fragrances , incense resins and gums, powdered incense , bakhoor, wood chips, soft and hard dhoops, simmering granules, scented wax, herbs, flower petals, and essential oils.
The best setting to use will depend on the type of material being burned, and your own personal preference.
We recommend for most incense that you turn the Thermostat to full.
This heater provides a gentle heat that cycles so there is no fear of over heating or scorching your incense.
It is meant to bring forth scent and not smoke, so if you desire more smoke from your incense, use traditional charcoal and a resin censer .
For oils and waxes use a lower setting, experiment to see what works for you and the material you are heating.

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