Bakhoor Charcoal (Torch Coal) Full Box Silver


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Made with compressed bamboo, this silver charcoal is enviornmentally sourced from sustainable forests.

Silver Square charcoal pieces made specially to burn in Mabkhara (Bakhoor Burner). Used to help burn any of our Bakhoor incense.

You are purchasing a box of twenty charcoal sticks, with 3 squares in each stick.  You may break one stick into three squares, burn one square at a time.

Each square burns for 60 to 90 minutes, much longer compared to the round hooka charcoals.


Place one square of charcoal onto a stove flame, until it is burning through.  Once alight, you may transfer the square to a Mubkhara (take care and use metal tongs) and place a small piece of any of our Bakhoor Incense on top to fill your house with a wonderful aroma.

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